About JodyMay

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made.  And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.  That’s the price we all pay to achieve that goal or any goal.” – Vincent Lombardi
            Everyone needs a leader at some point in their life.  Someone who has been down that road and can understand, or just simply someone who can be an inspiration.  At age 35, Jody May is truly a leader and an inspiration to the lives in Odessa, Texas.
            Looking back on her life, at only 18 months old, she was diagnosed with sever asthma, allergies and eczema.  If she were to even touch a peanut she would go into anaphylactic shock.  As a child she was at the hospital or doctor’s office constantly.  Running outside like a normal child just wasn’t an option, until she got a little older and found a new doctor.  He suggested that she get involved in a sport and run.
            Jody participated in track, gymnastics, soccer, and cheerleading but lost interest in each of them and always seemed to be bored.  One day, flipping through a magazine that contained pictures of Cory Everson and Rachel McLish, Jody was intrigued by their physiques a fire was lit.  At that moment she knew what she wanted to do.  
            At age 15 she joined a local gym and began training. She had no idea what she was doing, but was blessed to be introduced to people who would teacher her how to train the correct way.  Jody grew stronger physically and as a person because of bodybuilding. With the desire to compete, but to do it the right way, she decided to wait until she graduated college as a physical therapist assistant. In 1999, at the Lackland Classic, she stepped out on stage for the first time.  Competing in several other shows, each with improvements, Jody finally worked her way up to the Nationals in 2005 taking 2nd place.
Today her health concerns still exist but they are controlled and definitely do not slow her down. She is a gym owner, NASM certified personal trainer, certified Cross Fit instructor, NPC Texas judge, and the promoter of Black Gold Classic.
Through Jody’s trials as a child and the determination not to quit, she has become a leader herself. She’s paved a path for others and inspired them to do it for themselves and live a healthier life, possibly even stepping out on stage to compete.  The changes that are being made in her clients’ lives are visible and truly inspiring.
Your Successes and your Failures depend on You!
1. Commitment or Lack of Commitment
2. Initiative or Lack of Initiative
3. Drive or Lack of Drive
4. Purpose or Lack of Purpose
5. Belief in Self or Lack of Belief in Self
All of these will determine your path in CrossFit, as well as your path in LIFE!
Unless you were born into this world with a handicap, your failure to achieve “success” will come from a lack of one or more of the above.
You are not a victim of anything but Yourself!
If anyone has achieved more than you, it is directly attributable to their display of one or more of the above to a greater degree than you.
It is not the fault of your parent, school system, society, physician, spouse, children, friend, co-worker, genetics, geography, time…
It is yours and yours alone!
Your health, wealth, happiness, and intelligence are the direct result of your actions and attitudes.
“Success” is waiting for anybody willing to journey to the end of the rainbow.
But, Nobody is going to give you a ride.
Start Walking!
-- Brian Rideout, Crossfit Midland